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"How to Start a Successful Food Blog as a Young Recipe Developer" - an informal introduction.

My most recent Google searches looked a lot like this in the fall of 2023. Up until several months ago, I felt like this messiness was not good enough to post online. I see the content of other recipe bloggers and what looks to me like perfection, but fail to remember that nobody starts out this way. I realized I needed to venture out from the comfort of my Instagram (@chef_bridge, by the way). So, here I am posting my imperfect recipes online, with photos taken on an iPhone 13.

I chose Comfortably Nutritious as the name for this blog because I crave the warmth and deliciousness of comfort food, but want to feel energized and healthy after. I found that many of my original recipes stemmed from this - here, you will find healthy takes on spaghetti and meatballs, chili, takeout favorites and more, that do not compromise taste and give you the same cozy feeling.

This blog is the cooking and recipe developing journey of an early 20's woman, and I cannot wait to share with you all of my stories, successes, failures and tips I have gathered along the way, all while maintaining full transparency. I hope you all find this to be a refreshing take on the many food blogs out there, and cannot wait for what the future holds for Comfortably Nutritious.

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