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Recent and Current Projects

Project ISC: Trend Forecasting Presentations, Digital Design

Here are my presentations I lead design for during my fashion intensive course at the Institut du Commerce - Paris. Below, you will find a gallery of the highlights of these slides I designed.

Project PulsePoint: Web Design

Above is the link to the landing page I designed  as a part of my work with PulsePoint to research mental health assistance methods for first responders. I was honored to a part of this project, and it was amazing to include both aspects of my experience in Psychology, Digital Marketing, and Communications. To the right, you will see two graphics designed by me as a part of our final project presentation before the landing page was published.

Here is a presentation I designed reviewing Gucci's PR, brand image, and evolution

Here is a presentation I designed reviewing the work of Pharrell Williams as the creative director at Louis Vuitton

Bar Graph - Presentation.png
Felt Severrly Affected.png
Project Overview

Project Workstorm: Social Media

Below you will find a gallery of my personally designed social media posts for Workstorm.


Project GoBrewing: Social Media Audit (link tagged right below as "Go Brewing Final Deck"

Screen Shot 2024-05-06 at 9.44.29 PM.png

ISC Slides Gallery

Workstorm Social Media Gallery

These are some of my personal design highlights for Workstorm's social media, all using Canva.

Social Media Marketing Course Gallery

Here are posts and audits I came up with as a part of class assignments. These assignments  are based on relevant, real world issues, crisis response, and are all made using Canva and Microsoft Excel.

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